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Mono Cycle ride can be a fun and engaging experience for riders of all ages, as it allows two people to work together to control the motion and direction of the bike. It can also be a great way to enjoy the scenery and attractions of the amusement park while getting some exercise and fresh air.

The Merry-Go-Round ride is a popular attraction for children and families and provides a gentle and fun ride experience that is suitable for a wide range of ages.

Knockout can be a fun and engaging activity for kids as it allows them to run, jump and spin around with their friends. It can also be a great way to develop coordination and balance.

80’s Flashback can be a thrilling and exciting experience for riders, as it provides a sensation of weightlessness and free-falling that can be exhilarating.

The best entertainment for your kids.

The Bang Bang ride can be a thrilling and exciting experience for children, as it allows them to drive their own car and bump into their friends in a controlled and safe environment. The ride is typically slow-moving and is designed to be gentle and not cause injury, so parents can feel comfortable letting their children enjoy the ride. (Stopped due to technical glitches)

Enjoy soothing boating experience inside the park with your family.

The Crazy Monkey Ride is a must-try attraction for anyone looking for an unforgettable thrill!

Get transported on a musical adventure with Do-Re-Mi

The Expressway ride is a thrill-seeker’s dream, with plenty of heart-stopping moments and adrenaline-pumping action. The coaster is designed to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, with surprises around every turn.