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Invasion UFO ride is a popular attraction for thrill-seekers who enjoy simulated experiences of extraterrestrial encounters. It provides a fun and exciting way to imagine what it might be like to encounter an alien invasion.

Tornado Spinner ride is a popular attraction at the park that is best suited for kids.

The Merry-Go-Round ride is a popular attraction for children and families and provides a gentle and fun ride experience that is suitable for a wide range of ages.

Knockout can be a fun and engaging activity for kids as it allows them to run, jump and spin around with their friends. It can also be a great way to develop coordination and balance.

The Crazy Monkey Ride is a must-try attraction for anyone looking for an unforgettable thrill!

Get transported on a musical adventure with Do-Re-Mi

The Ferry-Berry ride is an attraction that is sure to delight children of all ages and create lasting memories for the whole family.

An activity great for kids who have a lot of energy to burn and want to have fun in a safe and supervised environment.

The Kids Flume is a great way for children to cool off on a hot day while enjoying a fun and safe water ride. With its gentle slopes, slower speeds, and smaller drops, the Kids Flume is a great choice for younger children who are not yet ready for the more intense water rides.

The Kids Play Port is a great place for young children to burn off energy and engage in imaginative play. With its many features and safety measures, it’s the perfect place for parents to take their children for a fun and exciting day of play.