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Bang Bang is a captivating kids’ ride that puts children in the driver’s seat of their own adventure.

Invasion UFO ride is a popular attraction for thrill-seekers who enjoy simulated experiences of extraterrestrial encounters. It provides a fun and exciting way to imagine what it might be like to encounter an alien invasion.

In this ride, the platform spins rapidly, causing the arms to swing back and forth and up and down. This creates a dizzying and exhilarating sensation as riders are thrown around in different directions.

The Vortex ride is a popular attraction for thrill-seekers who enjoy intense sensations and high speeds. It provides a unique and exciting experience that is both thrilling and disorienting, and it can be enjoyed by riders of all ages and skill levels.

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for thrilling adventures on Tsunami ride at Funkingdom.

Thunderstorm ride is an amusement park attraction that simulates the experience of riding a wave. It typically consists of a large, boat-shaped vehicle that travels along a track that is designed to simulate the motion of ocean waves.

The Strikers ride is designed to provide a fun and interactive experience for riders, allowing them to compete and engage with one another in a friendly competition. It provides a fun and safe way to experience the thrill of bumper cars, without the risks associated with driving on real roads.

Tornado Spinner ride is a popular attraction at the park that is best suited for kids.

The Sky Screamer ride combines the elements of a swing ride and a thrill ride. Experience the City like never before, get complete 360 views of city while you experience thrill and adventure beyond imaginations.

Rangers provides a fun and thrilling experience for riders of all ages, as the swinging motion can create a sensation of weightlessness and excitement.